Whether your needs are constant or occasional, STEEL CURTAIN SHREDDING has a range of shredding services to safely dispose of unwanted, sensitive, or outdated information. STEEL CURTAIN SHREDDING at MAILPRO inc is the best choice for all of your shredding and storage needs.



  • Reliable and Flexible Pick Up.

  • Camera Monitored Storage Facilities.

  • Free Residential Shredding.



Privacy and document security is more important in today’s world than ever before.  Take the hassle out of the equation and allow STEEL CURTAIN SHREDDING to provide you with exceptional service and peace-of-mind today.


We know your shredding needs are top priority. Let STEEL CURTAIN SHREDDING develop a shredding solution that's built specifically to you!



FREE Residential Shredding!

"Stop by the shop anytime 9am-5pm and we'll take care of your personal shredding at no cost!"

FREE Shredding for 3 months!

"Call today to find out about how you can get free shredding for 3 months!"

"Great rates for one time purges!"

"Reliability + Flexibility + Confidentiality!"

Warehouse Storage Available!
"Materials received are assigned a location in one of our secure warehouse. Both long term and short term options are available!"